Sara Lillie Gornitzka Studio is a graphic design, art direction and illustration studio creating creative concepts and visual solutions for clients across disciplines. Passionate about finding the right ideas and tools to create illustrative, playful and concept driven visuals, I love to work as a creative partner in all facets of branding, bringing visual identities and stories to life through printed and digital design solutions.

Born and raised in the Neverland of Southern Denmark, I moved to the capital to study visual communication at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design, before founding my Copenhagen-based studio in 2013.

Im forever curious to learn new stuff, challenge my ideas and limitations and meet new people.




note to self
Simple is good. never travel without bringing home a souvenir. read more.learn to tap dance. don’t forget to water the plants. practice, practice, practice. always judge a (real) book by it’s cover. no need to panic – there is over 100 billion galxies in the universe.

visual identity
concept development
art direction
Web design
event design
production design
Interior design

Select clients
Trouble/mayday magazine
Index: Design to improve life
Global Fashion agenda
the danish arts foundation
the national film school of Denmark
Nimbus film
zentropa productions
portfolio dialogue
gloria cinema
Aviendo fairytales
JK landscape architects